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    The SPF number locks the balance valve

    The SPF number locks the balance valve

    Description:Suitable for all kinds of liquid piping system, it is a kind of ideal new energy-saving valve.

    Suitable for all kinds of liquid piping system, it is a kind of ideal new energy-saving valve. The valve has a calibration number that can be directly transferred to a position and can be locked. The valve is mainly used in industrial and civil building heating piping system. At present in some of the pipe network system, the hydraulic disorder problems in balancing valve provides a means of solving this problem, use it can accurately adjust the pressure and flow rate, liquid flow in the pipeline network system to improve the situation, to achieve the purpose of pipeline fluid balance and energy conservation. In the construction of double pipe network, the application of this valve can save energy and obtain better results.

    Structure and features:

    Good regulation performance, excellent cut-off function, small resistance, large flow, and has the opening lock function, the property management personnel can't change setting state, can be convenient and effective to adjust pressure flow, form a complete set of intelligence instrument can work convenient according to pressure difference and flow, instruction and record the balance adjustment scheme, ptfe sealing, reliable sealing performance, long service life, internal components, stainless steel, copper alloy corrosion resistance is strong.

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