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    ZL47 self-flow control valve

    ZL47 self-flow control valve

    Description:The zl47f-16 self-flow control valve is a hydraulic condition balancing valve for automatic constant flow. The flow can be set by demand.

    The zl47f-16 self-flow control valve is a hydraulic condition balancing valve for automatic constant flow. The flow can be set by demand, and the flow of the valve will remain constant. Apply to the central heating, central air conditioning and other water system, make the traffic regulation of pipe network to complete once, change the network job to be simple flow allocation. Eliminating the flow redistribution of heat source can effectively solve the hydraulic dissonance of pipe network.

    Structure and features:

    The ZL47F16 series self-flow control valve is designed to set the flow and lock the set state in accordance with the controlled line. Can automatically eliminate the surplus pressure of pipeline. Can make branch pipeline flow control between each other, direct traffic figures, nominal pressure is 1.6 Mpa, medium temperature is O - 120 ℃, the valve body adopts the grey cast iron, carbon steel, forging copper alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel internal parts material adopted.

    Installation instructions:

    The flow direction should be installed according to the flow direction indicated by the body arrow. Do not install the reverse, and the vertical installation can be installed on the pipe. Flow setting method: use a special wrench, open the protective cover, rotate the stem, make the scale speed to the corresponding value of the set flow. The valve shall be shut off.

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