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    ZY47 self-pressure differential control valve

    ZY47 self-pressure differential control valve

    Description:Choose as little as possible, and consider reducing the size when the flow is too low.

    ZY47 series self-reliance type differential pressure control valve is a kind of automatic constant pressure difference of working condition of hydraulic balance valve, used in central heating, such as central air conditioning water system, is advantageous to the controlled system of each user and the terminal device independent regulation, especially suitable for household metering heating system and the variable flow air conditioning system.

    Structure and features:

    Type ZY47 self-reliance type differential pressure control valve body is made can change the flow resistance of dual channel and automatic pressure control valve by diaphragm separating into two independent small room controller, on one side of the chamber and backwater pipes are interlinked. Install on the backwater line when used. The channel automatic regulator is the actuator, and the motion is driven by the difference between the pressure difference between the pressure P1 and the pressure P2. Controller is a pressure differential comparator, the differential pressure value is according to the resistance selection is accused of heating system, the spring force within the backwater side are used to the pressure difference between the balance between water supply and return water. Some users of the heating system are controlled at room temperature. When resistance increases or decreases, the cycle flow changes, until the pressure balance on either side of the diaphragm is balanced, allowing the control system to adjust automatically.

    Installation instructions:

    Choose as little as possible, and consider reducing the size when the flow is too low. The control valve guide tube is connected to 1/2 pipe threads with a length of 15m. Connect the water supply hose. This valve is divided into two types: differential pressure and differential pressure. Nominal pressure: 16 mpa, medium temperature O - 120 ℃

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