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Before the valve is installed, the type and specification of the valve used should be carefully checked to be in conformity with the design.

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Installation requirements for valves

1. Before installing the valve, check carefully whether the type and specification of the valve used are in conformity with the design.

2. Check and check whether the valve can be used under the required conditions according to the type of the valve and the manufacturer's instructions.

3. When the valve is hoisted, the rope should be tied to the flange connection between the valve body and the valve cover, and not tied to the handwheel or stem, so as to avoid damaging the stem and the handwheel.

4. When installing valves in horizontal pipelines, the valve stem should be vertical upward, and downward installation of the valve stem should not be allowed.

5. When installing valves, the forced counterpart connection mode of pulling hard and drawing hard shall not be adopted, so as to avoid damage due to uneven force.

6. Open-stem gate valve should not be installed in underground damp place to avoid stem corrosion.

Assembly requirements

Clean parts must be sealed for installation.

The requirements for the installation process are as follows:

1. Installation workshop must ensure cleanliness, or build temporary clean areas, such as using newly purchased coloured strip cloth or plastic film, to prevent dust from entering during installation.

2. The assembly workers must wear clean cotton overalls, cotton caps on their heads, no hair leakage, clean shoes on their feet, plastic gloves on their hands and degreasing.

3. Tools for assembly must be degreased and cleaned before assembly to ensure cleanliness.

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