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    Corporate culture is one of the social culture system is an important part of the organic, is the national culture and modern consciousness in the enterprise internal comprehensive reflection and performance, the main values was embraced by an enterprise, such as aggressive, defensive or development. These values constitute the company employees vitality, opinion and behavior norms.

    Spirit of enterprise Pragmatic and enterprising;Unity and devotion;The customer is supreme;Reputation first

    Business philosophy
    People oriented;Innovation and factualism

    Quality culture
    More devoted higher standard;Keep improving Scientific development

    Service concept
    Create a boutique service;Pursuit of customer satisfaction

    Brand cultureCreate the world brand of national industry

    Recruitment requirements Restraining;Meritocracy;Make the best use of;Complement each other

    The business goalLarger scale;Credibility is better;Developing faster;Better benefit

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