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    Lh45x-16 check valve

    Lh45x-16 check valve

    Description:LH45X - 16 series current-limiting non-return valve is mainly used for multiple pump in parallel with the method of changing the Numbers of flow control system.

    LH45X - 16 series current-limiting non-return valve is mainly used for multiple pump in parallel with the method of changing the Numbers of flow control system, installed in the pump export, limit water pump flow, stable head. Make the pump work in the high efficiency area, prevent the low head high water pump overload and burn the bad motor.

    Performance and features

    To support the pump work in the efficient area:

    The water pump is restricted and the flow of water is low.

    When the pump is stopped and stopped, no water hammer is turned off.

    To prevent the pump overload from oversetting the electric motor.

    The function of the absence of stage adjustment;

    Limit the range of the lift. The factory is set at 0.1 MPa

    When the medium temperature: O ~ 150 ℃.

    Functions overview

    This is shown in figure (the function diagram). The two parallel pumps operate at the operating condition of A, and the operating mode is C, and the operating mode of single pump is B. That is, two parallel runs become single runs. The operating mode changed from C to B, head of the pump to reduce flow rate increases, current-limiting non-return valve automatically turn down, increase resistance, decrease the system flow, to prevent the overload burning motor, this pump can run according to the working condition of C.

    Installation and debugging

    The flow direction of the medium should be in the direction of the body arrow:

    Pressure test is used before the external guide tube device is out of the factory. It is strictly forbidden to damage the guiding device when installing:

    1/2 pipe joints shall be installed at the entrance of the pump:

    The horizontal installation can also be installed vertically;

    Does head when demand is greater than 0.1 MPa, first turn my cross counterclockwise, then gradually close in the clockwise pressure regulating valve, close the outlet pressure will gradually increase, in the process of the need to head for until the discharge pressure, initial adjustment is completed, repeatedly opening and closing the pump 2 to 3 times, each time you run for 3-5 minutes, outlet pressure constant debugging is completed:

    The water quality should always check the value of the outlet pressure, when the pressure of the outlet is less than the set value

    The filter should be opened to remove the dirt.

    The selection

    The @ can be chosen according to the water pump.

    The setting of the control head can be set according to the motor rated current, and it can also be efficient

    The operating conditions are set, the valve works with a set value, which is set by the factory

    To design the working conditions.


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