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    100 x remote-controlled floating ball valve

    100 x remote-controlled floating ball valve

    Description:The 100X remote float valve is composed of the main valve and the outer mounted guide valve.


    The 100X remote float valve is composed of the main valve and the outer mounted guide valve. It is to use the floating ball in the water changes due to the liquid surface moving and pilot valve, make the main valve of water supply and shut down, thereby the pool (box), and the water tower water level control in a certain range, to prevent overflow and low water level. The valve is suitable for the automatic water supply system of various pools (boxes) and water tower in industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings, and also for the circulating water supply system of constant pressure boiler. The main valve is closed, no water hammer is produced, the seal is tight, no water is in danger.

    The performance characteristics of

    The structure is novel and reasonable, and the theory of hydraulic principle is applied rationally

    The work is reliable and the traffic is high

    The disc is fast open, no water hammer blow (closing time adjustable)

    The sealing effect is good and the life time is long

    The installation of maintenance is convenient

    Maintenance and troubleshooting

    Removal of main valve: (1) remove external piping and control valves; (2) unscrew the nut by the diagonal, screw in the top, remove the cover and remove the spring. (3) unscrew the stem check nut and remove the diaphragm plate and diaphragm. (4) remove disc, rubber pad and large "O" ring: (5) open the seat by counterclockwise, remove asbestos gasket.


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