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    500X holding pressure/drain valve

    500X holding pressure/drain valve

    Description:500X holding pressure/drain valve is composed of main valve and exterior control guide valve.

    500X holding pressure/drain valve is composed of main valve and exterior control guide valve. Is mainly installed in buildings is to protect the water supply system in the bypass, guarantee the pressure of the main valve upstream water supply area, when the feed pipe pressure exceeds pressure relief valve set pressure, pressure relief valve to open. Prevent piping and equipment from being damaged by excessive pressure. The valve is mainly used for the leakage pressure of the fire test circulating system of high-rise buildings. It is the product of the spring safety valve upgrade.

    The performance characteristics of

    The structure is novel and reasonable, and the theory of hydraulic principle is applied rationally

    The disc is fast open and no water hammer strikes

    It lasts long

    High sensitivity and safe leakage

    The operation is smooth and noiseless

    Installation requirements

    The filter must be installed before the pressure/drain valve.

    Have to adjust the screw on the pilot valve should quit, start the pump water from the relief valve releasing, gradually turned into the adjustment screw, the pressure gradually increased, until the required set pressure. Tighten the nut after adjusting.


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