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    Multi-function hydraulic control valve

    Multi-function hydraulic control valve

    Description:With the continuous development of the modern high-rise building, as well as the users demand is higher and higher.

    With the continuous development of the modern high-rise building, as well as the users demand is higher and higher, our company combined with the actual situation, on the basis of the first generation of hydraulic control valves, developed the second generation of double control room, multi-function hydraulic control valve. It can be used according to the environment is different, after using the predecessors for one-off adjustment, can automatically ensure the safe operation of pipeline, valve body by using linear design flow, all castings are made to rust pensu processing, all moving parts adopt anticorrosion material, external all conduit and the pilot valve adopt full copper or stainless steel. The valve shall not be repainted after assembly. All contact surfaces have good corrosion resistance. By changing the external form of pilot valve and pipe joint, which can be turned into a water level control valve, pressure reducing valve, silencing/hammer/slow/slow close check valve, safety relief valve, electric remote control valve, etc.

    Multi-function hydraulic control valve of the main characteristic is to use the pipe pressure, through the pressure difference between the inferior vena control room on to control of the main valve opening and closing, so as to achieve the purpose.

    Application of standard

    ◎Quality assurance: IS09000

    ◎Design: Q/yy-2003

    ◎Structure length: Q/YY one 2003

    ◎Flange standard: GB/T17241.6 APl598 GB/T9113

    ◎Test standard: GB/T13927

    The characteristics and advantages

    ◎It has the function of slow opening, which can solve the traditional artificial shut-off pump.

    ◎With the function of slow closure, it is possible to set the closing time artificially, to automatically realize the delay and eliminate the water hammer

    ◎With good check function, the sealing material with good elasticity and high abrasion resistant rubber is used.

    ◎The action is sensitive and will not be out of control.

    ◎There is no need for human operation, and all the operation of the pipe network is automatic.

    ◎The maintenance is convenient, no need to remove the valve from the pipe, and the reason for the fault is found in the repair. Only local maintenance is needed.

    ◎Both inside and outside of the valve and all vulnerable corrosion parts are treated with anticorrosion, and are not used for rust in the wastewater.

    ◎The performance of the installation on the neutral side of the line is unchanged


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