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    Butterfly valve to the clamp

    Butterfly valve to the clamp

    Description:DN50(2")~600(24")“LT”type butterfly valve is suitable for the PNl respectively.



    DN50(2")~600(24")“LT”type butterfly valve is suitable for the PNl respectively. The O/PNl. 6 mpa to stress level, each case has two dimensions in the table of respectively PNl. O/PNl. Two pressure level connection size 6 mpa, tube, which is connected with the valve flange

    Connection size reference flange connection dimension table. The butterfly valve is used for manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, etc.

    "LT" type butterfly valve structure, properties and components of the material and type "A" are all the same, the difference is that "A" type by stud hex bolt (or longer) connection between two pipe flanges to the clamp (wafer).

    "LT" type except through two regular hexagonal screw connection between the two pipe strings, can also be installed in the pipe end (i.e., copy a clip-on) used as emptying valve, but must indicate the pipe end in order to use.

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