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    Double eccentric manual flanged butterfly valve

    Double eccentric manual flanged butterfly valve

    Description:Simple structure is compact, light weight, 90 ° rotation, switch is quick.

    The butterfly valve is the latest development of the soft sealing eccentric flange butterfly valve. Mainly suitable for water plants, power plants, steel mills, smelting, paper making, chemical industry, food, especially for water pipe system, water supply and drainage in the road, and used as adjustment and the closure device.


    Simple structure is compact, light weight, 90 ° rotation, switch is quick.

    Reasonable design and easy to repair.

    Adopt eccentric structure, reduce the friction of sealing solid and prolong the service life of valve.

    Completely sealed. Leakage is zero.

    Switch board sealing ring, o-ring, butterfly plate, rotating shaft and other material, can be used for various medium and different temperature.

    Standards and specifications:

    The product is in accordance with GBl2238 89 "universal valve flange and connecting butterfly valve".

    The test conforms to the standard GB/T13927 "general valve stress test".

    Side flange connection in accordance with GB/T17241.6-1998 integral cast iron pipe flanges, GB4216.4-4216.5-84 standard for gray cast iron pipe flanges and gaskets. Meet BS4504 respectively at the same time, the PNl IS02084, DIN2501. 0 mpa, PNl. 6 mpa flange connection standard.


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