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    Double eccentric double-sided hard sealing butterfly valve

    Double eccentric double-sided hard sealing butterfly valve

    Description:butterfly valveRefers to the closing of the disc (disc or butterfly plate) as a disc.

    Butterfly valveRefers to the closing of the disc (disc or butterfly plate) as a disc, which revolves around the shaft of the valve to open and close a valve that mainly cuts and throttles the pipe. The butterfly valve open is a disc shaped butterfly plate, which revolves around its axis in the body to achieve the purpose of opening or regulating. Butterfly valve fully open to the barrier is usually less than 90 °, butterfly valve and the adjustment lever itself has no self-locking ability, in order to butterfly plate positioning, to add worm gear reducer on the valve stem. Using worm gear reducer, not only can make the butterfly board have self-locking ability, make the butterfly plate stop in any position, but also improve the operation performance of the valve. Industrial specialized characteristic ability of high temperature butterfly valve, apply pressure range is higher also, nominal valve size is big, the body is made of carbon steel, valve plate seal using metal ring instead of rubber ring. Large high-temperature butterfly valves are made of steel plate welding, mainly for the smoke duct and gas pipe of high temperature medium.

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