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    RVCX/sz45x-16 underground elastic seat sealing gate valve

    RVCX/sz45x-16 underground elastic seat sealing gate valve

    Description:The soft sealing gate valve is the product of the traditional gate valve, and it USES the elastic ram to produce the microdeformation compensation effect.

    RVCX / SZ45X-16地下弹性座封闸阀1
    RVCX / SZ45X-16地下弹性座封闸阀2
    RVCX / SZ45X-16地下弹性座封闸阀3
    RVCX / SZ45X-16地下弹性座封闸阀4
    RVCX / SZ45X-16地下弹性座封闸阀5

    (1) the introduction of the product

    The soft sealing gate valve is the product of the traditional gate valve, and it USES the elastic ram to produce the microdeformation compensation effect, to achieve the good sealing effect. On the market for a long time to use the general gate, widespread leaks, easy rusty phenomenon, the company introducing advanced foreign technology of soft-sealing gate valve, overcomes the drawback of this series.

    (2) the characteristics of the product

    The flat seat

    The traditional gate valves are usually deposited in the bottom of the valve by means of external objects such as stone, wood, cement, paper and debris. Easy to cause cannot close tightly and form slack phenomenon, soft-sealing gate valve lower part USES the same flat as the pipe design, not easy to cause debris deposition, make the fluid unimpeded.

    (2) the whole plastic bags

    The valve plate is made of high quality rubber for overall, outsourcing, the domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology make the valve plate after vulcanization can ensure accurate geometry size, and rubber and nodular cast iron gate connecting firmly, fall off not easily and elastic memory preferred.

    (3) help to raw drink

    Due to inner body with non-toxic, epoxy resin coating, both inside and outside surface of the gate is fully coated with rubber without water rust or corrosion phenomenon, to drink.

    (4) the body of the precision

    The body is made of precision casting, and the precise geometry size makes it possible for the valve to be sealed without any precision.


    The product has light weight, corrosion resistance, not easy fracture, etc, and the valve switch light, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life, can be widely used in construction, food, water, sewage, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, the use of the energy system, etc.

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