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    Swing check valve

    Swing check valve

    Description:The swing check valve is also called a one-way valve or a reverse check valve, which is designed to prevent the flow of medium in the pipe. The open and closed parts are opened or closed by the flow and force of the medium to prevent the fl

    The swing check valve is also called a one-way valve or a reverse check valve, which is designed to prevent the flow of medium in the pipe. The open and closed parts are opened or closed by the flow and force of the medium to prevent the flow of the dielectric valve from being called the check valve. Check valves are automatic valve classes, which are mainly used for the flow of media in one direction and only allow the media to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. This valve is normally installed horizontally in the pipe.

    Swing check valves are suitable for nominal pressure PN1.0 MPa ~ 42.0 MPa, class150-2500; Nominal size: DN15 ~ 1200mm, NPS1/2 ~ 48; Working temperature - 196 ~ 540 ℃ of various pipelines, used to prevent the backflow medium. Different materials can be used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea. Swing check valves within the adoption of the rocker arm swing structure, all the opening and closing of the valve is mounted on the body, not through the body, in addition to the flange parts with sealing gasket and seal ring, the whole not funnelled outside, put an end to the valve leakage. The swing check valve rocker and disc connection USES the structure of the spherical joint to allow the disc to have a certain degree of freedom within the 360 degree range, with proper microlocation compensation. It is suitable for clean medium and not for medium containing solid particles and viscosity.

    Structure characteristics 1, short length, length of the structure is only 1/4 ~ 1/8 of traditional flange check valves 2, small volume, light weight, the weight is only 1/4 ~ 1/20 of traditional flange check valves 3, the disc to close rapidly, water hammer pressure is applicable to small 4, horizontal or vertical piping, installation is convenient, smooth flow, fluid resistance small, 6, 5, sealed performance is good, 7 and disc trip short, close the valve impact small 8, 9 compact structure, simple, beautiful modelling, long service life, high reliability principle 1: move up and down through the cylinder plug, to assist the disc rapid opening and closing to seal face 2 structure shows A structure forms: swing single disc drive system, B: butt welding connection form C: butt welding D valve opening and closing controlled by pneumatic device, speed up the valve opening and closing. 1. The valve should be kept in a dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain and rust. Deposit 2 month transport open-close part should be at the closing device, at the same time, should do the following work: a disc should be fixed in the open position b size at both ends in the mouth with foam board blockage, port must use blank cap plugged, dust, rust, keep the passage clean and face smooth; C cylinder parts for proper packaging protection, shockproof and collision prevention; D valve should be stationary when the valve is placed, and the pneumatic driving device shall not be pressed against each other. The permanent placement should be checked regularly. Every three months to the two channels, seal face dirt and rust, the welding mouth of the protection check, wipe dirt and rust, repaint the anti-rust oil to protect.

    Installation and use of 1 extraction check valve is installed vertically on the horizontal pipe, generally in full open condition. The rotary check valve shall be installed on the horizontal and vertical pipe, which can also be installed in the inner medium of the pipe. The following work should be done before installation. A discharge the lid and foam board on both ends of the valve channel, clean the inner cavity and remove the scale. B peel off the oil paper on the surface of the disc to remove the oil from the disc. 4 the flow of media during installation must be limited. 5 through a medium line should not be a hard particles, so as not to damage the sealing surface 6 before the valve factory to one by one to carry on the inspection and testing qualified, installation unit can be directly pressure test or use.

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