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Groove type elastic seat sealing gate valve

DATE:2017-06-13 Writer:兴水阀门
The groove type elastic seat sealing gate valve is applied to the fire fighting system.

The groove type elastic seat sealing gate valve is applied to the fire fighting system. It is convenient and convenient to connect with groove clamp, which can increase the function of indicating signal of the attachment.

Features and USES: this product is manufactured by the manufacture of high-tech rubber and valve in Europe, which has overcome the shortcomings of rubber aging and rust. The valve using elastic disc produce elastic deformation compensation effect to achieve good sealing effect, this valve has the switch light, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and long service life and other significant advantages, the products are widely used in tap water, sewage, sea water, water treatment, environmental protection, construction, fire protection, petroleum, chemical, electric power, food, medicine, textile, shipping and energy industries such as pipeline online as regulation and river closure device.

Flat seat:

General valve after water flushing tube is often due to the external things such as concrete, iron and other debris sedimentation on the bottom of the valve groove, easy to cause cannot close tightly and form slack phenomenon, at the bottom of the seal gate valves of the elastic base seat USES the same flat as the pipeline design, not easy to cause debris deposition, make the flow unimpeded.

Precision cast body: the body is made of precision casting, and the precise geometry allows the valve to be sealed without any processing at any time.

Valve plate plastic bags: survey on the valve plate is made of high quality rubber plastic bags, inside and outside the first-class rubber vulcanization technology make the valve plate after vulcanization can ensure accurate geometry size, and rubber and nodular cast iron valve plate then, fall off not easily and elastic memory preferred.

Three type "O" ring seals: due to the valve stem and valve cover adopt the three type "O" ring sealing ring seal design, can reduce the frictional resistance when switch, can significantly reduce leakage phenomenon and medium flow in the pipeline for the replacement seals.

Helpful for drinking: since the body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, the inner and outer surfaces of the valve plates are completely covered with rubber without the occurrence of iron water or corrosion, which can be used for drinking.

Labor-saving devices: DN450-600 mm, can add labor-saving devices separately, the required torque is about half of the normal, only a small hand wheel, under stressful circumstances, can be fully open or close operation, the energy saving device in every action, to restore energy function after the valve fully open first

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